‘What if ,’ there is a better tomorrow !

My heart aches when I come across the news of suicides being committed whether it’s the newspapers or social media. I wonder if it is the will power or merely the fact that if the pile of weight on your shoulders exceeds what you can bear , you will eventually collapse no matter how much you would to remain standing.But I really want people ,who succumb to their pain and decide to give death a fair chance than to choose a life, to think rationally. One judges suicide as seeking relief in times of utmost despair. But then again , one should realise that relief is a feeling and what’s left of it when you aren’t even alive to feel it . One should think that what if tomorrow is the day you find a solution to your problem. What if it’s the very next hour you receive a call giving you a reason to live. What if you are only a few seconds away from uncovering that secret that will tell you to care more for yourself. So, these are the ‘what if’s ‘ our life is all about. Always be hopeful  because hope indeed is the tree of life. As Pablo Neruda beautifully puts it ,  “You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” 
Whenever you feel that the distance between your suicidal feeling and action is narrowing down , just remember that , death no matter how inevitable is an abrupt cancellation of indefinitely extensive good that life can bring. 

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